RameshwarDas Pannalal Women's College

Vision & Mission


Our College strives to provide a wide range of professional and vocational courses for women to meet the changing socio- economic needs with human values. Our students should achieve an excellence with quality in every activity. When you educate a woman you educate an entire family, thereby the society and the nation. Education enlightens our mind. We impart education to our girls so that they do not just get a degree in science and Arts, but also inculcate in them an ability to think creatively. Our College is committed to learning and we offer a wide range of opportunities along with necessary support, guidance and advice.

Our Students also have been helping us in achieving what we have visualized. Our students have shown merit in the fields of education, art & culture, and sports both at the university and the State level encouraged by their progress, in the recent years, we have started different vocational courses, particularly helpful for the girls of this area. We have also started P.G courses in a few subjects and would start in some other subjects as well. We recognize the potential of our students and time and again programmes to reward them have been organized. We want that the years that the students spend here turn meaningful for them and they gain not only in field of education but also get an enrichment and development in their personality. Hence we hope that our alumni will make us proud not only in India but also abroad.

The history of our college, its steady growth, the development and the social revolution that it has brought stand as testimony to the vision with which it was conceptualized by the intellectuals of the area, Mr Pannalal and others, with its glorious commitment to Education and Nation building R.P.M College successfully continues to take on the challenges posed by the Changing National and Global scenario .

Mission & Goals

  • To educate and empower women.
  • To inculcate in them an ability to think creatively.
  • To develop their communication skill.
  • To provide a sphere so as they enhance themselves on professional, social, humanitarian and economic spheres..
  • To contribute to Nation building through Quality education.